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Soy Free and It Feels So Good!

Many consumers who have a skin sensitivity or allergy to gluten or soy notice that our products contain tocopherol, otherwise known as Vitamin E. Because many forms of Vitamin E are derived from genetically modified soy or are a completely synthetic product, seeing this ingredient on our label triggers concern.

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Self Magazine: Picking the Perfect Blush

The May issue of Self is here!  Not only should you worry about what you put into your body but also what you put on your body.  From cosmetics and deodorant to lotions and shampoo, personal care products are full of ingredients you may not even know about.
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The Zoe Report: Cream Eye Shadows Are a Must

Paraben-free and pretty, give your gaze a boost with these shimmery shadows!” says Rachel Zoe‘s site, The Zoe Report. Read more