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Harper’s Bazaar #BeautySchool

As an rms beauty fan, you are probably already aware of the industry’s “green washing” of beauty products and the toxic ingredients that may be lurking in seemingly harmless bottles. With so many cosmetics and personal hygiene brands eager to get on the “green wagon”, it’s important to know the difference between marketing and actual safety. There are a few popular buzz words that you may see emblazoned on your beauty products that are meant to signify that they are safer, greener, or healthier. However, you may be surprised by how little these words have to do with the actual ingredients contained in the pretty packaging. Harper’s Bazaar has broken it down by a few of the common words you will come across and what they really mean.

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Image Magazine: Green Beauty Experiment

Self-proclaimed beauty addict, Liz Dwyer takes the challenge to trade in her synthetic standbys and only use green beauty products for a month. What results will the great green beauty experiment yield? Read more

W Magazine: Eco-Fabulous Indulgences

Take a tour into Tilda Swinton‘s fashion fantasy in the May issue of W Magazine.  Aside from her beautiful editorial and images of couture jewels, this issue tackles tough beauty topics regarding sunscreen, Botox and the toxins lurking in your everyday cosmetics.

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Natural vs Organic

What is the difference between natural and organic? Read more

Green Washers Get Busted…Finally!

As of this June, California’s Organic Production Act finally sought action against numerous personal care companies who have fraudulently claimed to be “organic.”

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How Toxic is Your Makeup?

A recent Canadian study revealed that high levels of heavy metals are found in the makeup, as well as personal products like lotion and shampoo, you use every day.We’re not talking about the heavy metal you find on the radio; studies show that arsenic, lead, nickel (among many others!) are polluting your makeup without your knowledge. This adds up to a consumption of 5 pounds of chemicals per year–and this isn’t taking into account the chemicals found in your hair care products, lotions and deodorants.

What does this mean for you? Chemicals like this are linked to cancers, memory loss, lung damage and cardiovascular, immune and neurological problems–to name a few.

Read more about the study here–it includes more details about the chemicals found, the damages they cause to your health and tips on how to find the best, safest products to use for your skin! xoxo