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Fashion Magazine: Rose-Marie Swift, Natural Cosmetic Pioneer

This November, Fashion Magazine celebrates its 35th Anniversary with legendary supermodel Linda Evangelista on its cover.  The issue highlights some of the most important people in the industry, the very pioneers who paved the way for today’s fashion and beauty world. Read more

Fashion Magazine: A Makeup Wake-Up Call

Canadian makeup artist Sheri Stroh opened up to Fashion Magazine this month, revealing her personal struggle with breast cancer and the life changes she made in order to keep her body healthy and toxin free. Read more

Fashion Magazine: Get Your Gloss With Glymm

Ever since BirchBox’s debut, a handful of contenders have jumped onto the sample bandwagon to ignite the competition.  With the list of similar companies growing, it’s becoming more difficult to decide which goodie-filled parcel to invest in.

Read more

Holiday Highlighter


Fashion Magazine‘s beauty director Lesa Hannah divulges all the little trinkets she stows in her YSL tote — everything from an iPhone and her daughter’s favorite stickers to the more expected: makeup products she just can’t leave home without. Read more

Lights, Camera, FASHION (magazine, that is)!

Canada’s Fashion magazine boasts an entire page dedicated to the wonders of rms beauty in their April issue!

The article highlights Rose-Marie’s path to creating the rms line, as well as describing the unique, pure ingredients used in the making of each product. Going green never was so glamorous!