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Soy Free and It Feels So Good!

Many consumers who have a skin sensitivity or allergy to gluten or soy notice that our products contain tocopherol, otherwise known as Vitamin E. Because many forms of Vitamin E are derived from genetically modified soy or are a completely synthetic product, seeing this ingredient on our label triggers concern.

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Town & Country: A Drop a Day Keeps Wrinkles at Bay

The October issue of Town & Country highlights today’s major trend in skincare: facial oils.  Despite the conventional belief that oils cause breakouts, more consumers are realizing that oils are more easily absorbed and better moisturize skin better than their mainstream creamy counterparts. Read more

Rosemary, A Miracle Herb

Rosemary has many qualities that make it an exceptional herb, including its ability to enhance memory and improve irritability.  Aside from the raw coconut cream, all products from rms beauty contain rosemary extract as a natural preservative.

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The Skin is a Mirror to the Gut

During the many years of cleansing after I was diagnosed with toxic chemicals, heavy metals and pesticides in my body, it became very clear, very fast, that my body could not take anymore onslaught of bad food and bad health/beauty habits. These chemicals and synthetics are everywhere including our beauty products.

My first realization of what really happens with synthetic, chemical laden beauty products on the skin was when I discontinued doing my daily beauty routine. I started eating a lot of raw foods for their high nutritional content (devoid in processed and cooked foods) and started cleansing and moisturizing with the same oils and butters that the raw food experts suggested for eating. My skin reacted instantly to those healing oils like I have never seen before. My skin glowed and radiated. My skin started looking so great that I found no need anymore to cover it up with makeup.

I received compliment after compliment until one day, when I had an important fashion shoot and wanted to look my best, I grabbed my favorite old foundation and lipstick and applied them to my face and lips. Wow … my skin itched, and my lips burned so bad that I had to remove them both immediately. It was almost as if my face was trying to reject the danger it was being exposed to. My body was finally becoming so clean it was actually reacting to the synthetic, unhealthy chemicals that we cover ourselves with daily. These chemicals not only mess up our skin, but are absorbed into the body, causing hormone and endocrine disruption and eventually disease, such as cancer. Please read my site for further information.

I encourage every person who cares, not just about your skin, but also your health, to use pure, organic color cosmetics like my RMS Beauty. My product was created to work synergistically with the skin and totally complement each another. Only the purest healing organic ingredients are selected with absolutely no chemicals, parabens nor synthetics. You will have now successfully created a long-term anti-aging beauty routine that your skin will thank you for. By doing so, you will gain the youthful, healthy radiance you deserve.

Please remember, “the skin is a mirror to the gut” so when one pollutes the body, one pollutes the skin. Take care, eat healthy and organic food (including raw), plenty of clean water and exercise the body!

xoxo, Rose-Marie