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Image Magazine: Green Beauty Experiment

Self-proclaimed beauty addict, Liz Dwyer takes the challenge to trade in her synthetic standbys and only use green beauty products for a month. What results will the great green beauty experiment yield?RMS Beauty_Image_October 2014 (2)

Dwyer brings up an important topic in the cosmetic industry which RMS Beauty feels very strongly about. The trend of “greenwashing” makes it very difficult to determine which products are in fact safe, made with organic or natural ingredients, and which products simply print leaves on their packaging in order to market themselves as “green”. Because the industry is for the most part self-regulated you either have to be trusting of the company you’re buying from or be knowledgable enough to know what to look for. At RMS Beauty we hope to have customers that are both of these things. RMS Beauty_Image_October 2014 (1)

“Best by a make-up mile”, RMS Beauty’s “Un” Cover-Up certainly makes an impression in the world of natural cosmetics. Coconut and jojoba oil make this product extremely moisturizing, while the mineral pigments self adjust to your skin tone, blending seamlessly to create an even complexion without feeling heavy. If you too have an affinity for toxic cosmetics, you may want to consider dipping a toe into the pool of organic cosmetics. You may be pleasantly surprised with the results! And if you can achieve the same look with products that are healthier and better for you, why wouldn’t you?

Make the switch here.

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  1. silvia meneces bustillo #

    amazing page!

    January 27, 2015

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