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RMS Beauty Coconut Oil: Why it’s the best…

If you’re not familiar with all of the benefits of coconut oil, prepare to be amazed. This one product has many uses and so many benefits, the question is “why aren’t you using it yet?”

Coconut oil is one of the healthiest oils in the world, if not the healthiest. It contains none of the nasty chemicals that are in today’s makeup removers and skin cleansers. It has natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties such as lauric acid, also found in breast milk, and caprylic acid, which aids in cleaning the skin naturally. It is a known natural anti-oxidant that helps prevent free radical damage (premature aging)  and contains high levels of natural vitamin E. It is also an exceptional moisturizer and will actually help condition your eye lashes and your hair as well as the whole body. Add a little to your bath water and your skin will feel like silk. Nothing removes makeup (including waterproof mascara) better then coconut oil, as its fine delicate texture melts everything it comes in contact with. When it is in its raw state, it is hands down the best oil out there and the skin loves it. Who wouldn’t want the healthiest, fastest makeup remover, skin cleanser and moisturizer all in one? And the bonus? You need very little of it to get the job done and it’s edible!

How do I use it?

RMS Beauty coconut cream can be used as an all over moisturizer and works wonders on particularly dry areas like elbows and knees. You’ll be amazed how your skin soaks it up, unlike other lotions which sometimes feel like they sit on top of your skin. To remove your makeup, use about a nickel sized amount of coconut oil and rub gently in a circular motion to remove even the most stubborn waterproof mascaras. Wipe any excess away with a soft cloth.

Are there any other ingredients in your coconut oil or is just the one? 

RMS Beauty coconut cream contains only one ingredient: the purest, raw coconut oil ever. I am not a fan of essential oils for adding scent to products because they can cause sensitivity to skin as well as dehydration (over long term).  I have avoided them in all of my products. Besides, it would be a crime to cover up the pure clean aroma of our coconut oil with anything!

What makes ours so much better than other coconut oil available at the grocery store? 

The main difference is in how it’s made. Many think that if they pick up an organic coconut oil from their local store, it will be just as good. However, I always remind people that “organic” is a guarantee of safety, not quality. There are many variations in products that are approved as “organic”.  For example, coconut oil can go through chemical refining, bleaching and deodorizing. Really bad coconut oil can be hydrogenated and could still be called “natural”!  Organic certification agencies don’t distinguish between oils made from fresh coconuts, and those made with dried coconut (copra). Certification agencies also allow the use of chemicals in the oil extraction process. All of these processes impact the quality of the product in a negative way, and the RMS brand avoids them all, making ours a superior product to what you would find at the grocery store.

Traditionally, hand-pressed coconut oil is most common and is made by grinding and pressing fresh coconut into coconut milk.  Unfortunately, the heating process involved depletes lauric acids as well as caprylic acid (known for the same healing properties as lauric acid) and also reduces the antioxidant capacity of the oil. In some cases it can cause bacteria and rancidity. With the direct expeller process, dried coconut meat (copra) is ground and pressed to produce a liquid that’s 90% oil and 10% water. Some heat is applied to the liquid to remove the remaining water. The resulting oil is light to medium texture, but, like the traditional method, the heat depletes the beneficial nutrients. These techniques cause contamination and again rancidity even before the oil is extracted from the meat.

So how exactly is our coconut oil made then?

The best extraction method is “centrifuge-based“, meaning the product is created without heat and makes a truly raw product with all the healing nutrients left 100% intact. It will have the highest levels of lauric acid of any coconut oil. This is the most expensive coconut oil you can buy and the only oil RMS uses. The coconuts used in our oil are handpicked, made the day we order them and processed immediately (to avoid fermentation and oxidation) and shipped fresh right away to us. In many other processing facilities, you have no guarantee that the coconuts are fresh even before the oil is extracted. Ours is pressed the day they are picked, assuring the freshest coconut oil available.

Hands down nothing beats this coconut oil.




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