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Glamour: Summer Beauty Staples

Sun kissed skin, loose waves and short shorts are all staples of summertime.  Whether you’re headed to the beach, a music festival or just an evening out, Glamour has enlisted the professionals to bring you the best beauty products–no matter the venue.

No one knows the best travel-friendly skincare and makeup products better than this selection of Glamour-approved jet setters.  Hours in a cramped plane is nothing but a recipe for tired eyes and lackluster skin.  To battle the fatigue, these pros have compiled tried and true products that are sure to revive your jet lagged self.

RMS - Glamour - July 2013 - Int

DJ Hannah Bronfman knows just how to remedy such a problem–with our richly pigmented lip2cheek.  Because of its amazing color pay off, this multi-tasker will keep cheeks and lips flushed for hours.

Choose from five unique shades that will make you the envy of all come landing time at your next summer destination.


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