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Grazia UK: Go Coco Nuts

Grazia, the UK’s leading weekly publication, reviews the best dressed and best beauty moments from the Met Ball.  The magazine then dives into the best style and beauty trends for summer, asking top celebrities about their sunny weather essentials.

Coconut has long been a favorite ingredient of juices and other gourmet treats, however, it now is a major player in the beauty world.  Miranda Kerr, who has been a long-time fan of coconut oil and its health benefits, loves rms beauty products for their nourishing coconut oil base.

Grazia UK 20.05.13

Of the entire line, the rms beauty raw coconut cream still remains a best-seller and an award-winning product.  Composed solely of virgin, cold-pressed coconut oil that’s sourced form Thailand, this product works wonders in several ways.  Use the lightly scented multi-tasker to remove makeup with ease, moisturize dry skin, cleanse the face and soothe frazzled hair.

Pick yours up at, and you’ll see why everyone is going coco for this product!


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