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Makeup How-To: Miranda Kerr’s Met Ball Look

The Met Ball may be over, but the craze that ensued following the punk party has continued.  To appease those wanting to get the insider scoop on recreating supermodel Miranda Kerr‘s look from the evening, People magazine sat down with Rose-Marie and David Keough, her beauty team for the evening.

Despite the theme, Rose-Marie decided to soften it a bit and give her version of punk gone Hollywood.  Since no one can pull off a lip better than Miranda Kerr, Rose-Marie decided to make the focus on the eye brow and the lips.



Her brows were slightly intensified with a soft brown powder shadow, combed to perfection and set in place with a little brow gel.  This made her brows fuller but still remained sculpted and elegant.  This was achieved using the rms beauty seduce cream eye shadow.  Simply blend the creamy shadow into your brows, making sure they aren’t too dark.  The subtle shimmer in this shadow will also add depth and light to your eyes.


Her skin remained luminous with a little application of the rms beauty ‘un’cover-up.  Rose-Marie used #22 under the eyes and #33 for her face.  Next, the ‘un’powder was used along the t-zone to set the makeup and soften the shine.
Lastly, she used the best-selling living luminizer over Miranda’s cheek bones but kept it very subtle.

A matte brown shadow was used over her lid for a bit of depth without looking smoky or overdone.  Again, seduce was applied to keep it subtle yet elegant.  Finish with mascara but do not make it too overstated.

kerr050613- sp

Finally, Rose-Marie completed the look with one of the new rms beauty lipsticks, which are still in production (but coming soon!).  You can also recreate this lip by blending two of our lip2cheek colors: illusive and rapture.  The plum-hued illusive mixed with the brick-red rapture will deliver a dark yet glamorous lip.

Voila–a punk meets Hollywood look!

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