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New Beauty: Back to the Basics

The Winter-Spring issue of New Beauty is now out and includes the absolute best in beauty for the year ahead.  More importantly, this issue touches on the green movement the cosmetic industry is experiencing.  Rather than cake on synthetic, harsh chemicals and preservatives, New Beauty urges readers to go back to the basics.

Back to basics006

There is no better way to embark on such a task than by stripping your makeup bag of products filled with ingredient decks that are incomprehensible.  Look for products with natural ingredients, vitamins and herbs to improve your skin from the inside out.

Among the approved products is the luxurious rms beauty oil.  Because of the beneficial oils, herbs and vitamins that compose this unique formula, rms beauty oil preps skin while hydrating and replenishing it.  Try it yourself to prove that only “a drop or two on cleansed skin is all you need to create the perfect canvas for your makeup.”

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