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Silica: Mineral on a Mission

Many people are concerned with the health risks that come with using loose powders–especially since many loose mineral powders can be easily absorbed into one’s lungs via inhalation.  Because of such issues, rms beauty has taken great care to ensure our new “un”powder doesn’t pose a threat to our amazing customers.

Silica, found and sourced from the earth’s crust, is an important constituent for virtually all rock-forming minerals.  In addition, it is the seventh most prevalent element in human tissue, next to calcium.  Because of such prevalency, this unique compound is essential for colagen production and calcium absorption–hence why many cosmetic and personal care companies turn to such an ingredient for their products.

That being said, there are two main forms of silica used: amorphous and crystalline.  The former is what most cosmetic lines use and is the exact type of silica that composes the “un”powder.  Amorphous is a fancy term meaning this form of silica has no definite form, whereas crystalline silica has a specific arrangement of atoms.  When inhaled, crystalline silica has been shown to cause serious health problems such as lung cancer, silicosis, pulmonary tuberculosis and other airway diseases.


Because of its excellent oil absorption properties, silica is a wonderful ingredient for absorbing and controlling oil.  Thus, silica is the perfect ingredient for a setting powder that can keep makeup looking fresh all day while keeping skin soft and hiding minor imperfections.

Simply apply makeup as usual then lightly dust the “un”powder with its included puff along the T-zone, forehead and any other problem areas you may have.  And an added  bonus?  Dust onto eyelids after applying any of the cream eyeshadows for longer staying power!

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