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Elle France: Anne-Marie van Dijk’s Secret for Glowing Skin

The December issue of Elle France is on newsstands and filled with beauty, love and fashion advice for the upcoming new year.  Among those pages, the stunning Dutch model Anne-Marie van Dijk reveals her minimalist beauty routine, favorite organic cosmetic shop and talks about CLEANSE, her wellness program for models of the fashion industry.

ELLE France

Natural skincare products and leading a healthy lifestyle are two things Anne-Marie is passionate about.  And because of the purity of ingredients, she loves the rms beauty line.  When asked to describe her beauty routine, the model admits the living luminizer is one of her all-time favorite products.

This best-selling highlighter instantly add lights to the face without looking glittery or sparkly…Just fresh and youthful.  Dab the creamy formula onto the apples of cheeks, brow bones and inner eye corners for a radiant finish.

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