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Country Living: Berry Fresh Makeup for Fall

The October issue of Country Living contains just about everything you would expect from a quintessential autumn edition: pumpkin carving ideas, tasty fall recipes and DIY projects for even the most unskilled family member.  However, this month also includes natural makeup picks that are, for lack of better words, “berry fresh.”

If you love the berry-colored lips of this season, then be sure to invest in our rapture lip2cheek.  Because it “doubles as a blush,” this versatile product delivers serious pigment to both lips and cheeks.

If the rapture is too dark for your taste, try the modest lip2cheek, a berry-pink hue that’s less intimidating than the rapture‘s deep wine color.  Blend onto the apples of cheeks (a little goes a long way!) and onto lips for an instant rosy flush.




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