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Fashion Magazine: A Makeup Wake-Up Call

Canadian makeup artist Sheri Stroh opened up to Fashion Magazine this month, revealing her personal struggle with breast cancer and the life changes she made in order to keep her body healthy and toxin free.


After her battle with cancer, Sheri decided it was time to reconsider the cosmetic products she was using on both herself and clients.  It made sense the chemicals found in personal care products must have negative repercussions on our bodies, but it just didn’t seem right that not enough clean brands were available.

From there she traded out many toxin-laden products for greener options.  As many makeup artists admit, some natural products simply cannot replace their synthetic counterparts–such as foundations and mascaras.

Sheri does list some of her green must-haves that are fabulous alternatives to conventional brands, including rms beauty‘s living luminizer.

“The texture takes a bit of getting used to, but I like it better than anything else. It just gives the perfect glow, ” says the makeup artist.  Dab onto brow bones, lips and cheeks for natural-looking radiance.

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