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Fitness Magazine’s Favorite Find Friday: lip2cheek

Fitness Magazine likes to highlight cosmetic products for women on-the-go, making beauty accessible and simple–without sacrificing high quality.  Their most recent Favorite Find Friday was one of rms beauty‘s most beloved products.

Because of its ability to multitask, the lip2cheek is perfect for primping post-workout, as well as being a must-have staple for every woman’s makeup bag.

Their pick?  The lip2cheek in modest, a pretty berry color that looks fabulous applied on both cheeks and lips.  Blend on cheekbones for a rosy flush or lips for some added punch to your pout.

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  1. Hi, I’m really excited to try the Lip2Cheek, as well as the LipShine. However, my lips have always reacted badly to the presence of Tocopherol Acetate, or Vit E, in lipbalms and glosses that I have gotten from drugstores or other beauty brands. Less than 5 minutes after application, my lips swell and begin to peel, and so far the only thing that I have been able to keep on is petroleum jelly – which I don’t like using, but my lips do tend to get very dry 😦

    I am wondering if the RMS line of lip products are safe for me to use, since the ingredients also contain Tocopherol?

    April 21, 2012
    • Tocopherol acetate means it is a synthetic version, which could explain the allergic reactions you are experiencing. We use a natural, full spectrum vitamin E. All vitamin E is made with genetically modified soy. Ours is not.

      Ours is non-GMO, non-SOY and is made from sunflower–so this alone lessens the allergic reactions. Drugstore brands use the cheapest ingredients on the market…we use the most expensive and best ingredients possible. We cannot promise you won’t have a reaction, but it’s definitely less likely.


      April 23, 2012
      • Thank you for your explanation. I did wonder if it was a problem with the synthetic version of Vit E, rather than me being allergic to the actual Vit E (that would be so sad!). I’ll definitely give RMS a try and let you know how it goes! =)

        April 24, 2012

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