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Gisele for Telva Magazine

Telva, a Spanish based magazine, recently interviewed Gisele Bundchen for this month’s edition.  From music and yoga to cosmetic must-haves, this story covers just about everything this supermodel can’t live without.

A longtime fan of the line, she includes rms beauty’s cream eye shadows as one of her favorite products!  Because the shadows “illuminate” her eyes and can also be worn as an eyeliner, Gisele loves Rose-Marie’s organic line.

And which is her favorite shade?  She loves the seduce, a mahogany color with  a sultry earth tone to it.  Apply it sheer for daytime or layer the color for a richer brown at night.

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  1. i have so many of your products… including magnetic eye shadow but i never thought to use it as eyeliner. do i just use a brush? can i line the waterline with it? thanks. xo

    February 16, 2012
    • Because the shadows are cream based, and depending on your skin type, lining can be subject to smudging–but yes, use a brush to line, and I advise lining the lower lashes rather than the top as it may have less an impact because of the creamy consistency. The waterline probably won’t hold the color too well…

      Try the karma as a liner–so pretty!


      February 16, 2012
  2. thank you!!! absolutely LOVE every product of yours that ive tried. cant wait to get the new shadow colors and waiting oh so impatiently for powder announcements. please know that your incredible work is so essential to my path to healthy living. thank you soooo much.

    February 16, 2012
    • Thank you so very much 🙂 Makes our day hearing words like these from our fabulous customers!! We will keep you informed as we get closer to the powder’s launch…


      February 20, 2012

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