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Green Washers Get Busted…Finally!


As of this June, California’s Organic Production Act finally sought action against numerous personal care companies who have fraudulently claimed to be “organic.”

Despite the Act’s requirement of all products labeled “organic” to contain “at least 70% organic ingredients,” more than 30 companies have been found using false labeling and even using synthetic and harmful ingredients.

The Center for Environmental Health has settled with 11 companies, who have agreed to either change their labeling or ingredients used by March 2012. However, there are still numerous brands, sold nationally in chains such as Whole Foods and CVS, who have refused to agree to truthful labeling.

Sadly, many of these brands are household names that target children and babies–with package warnings that read, “Keep away from eyes. Can cause blindness.” Obviously, a product that contains materials that can cause loss of vision is not one made from true, organic ingredients.

Although our personal care products are not completely free of toxins, it is wonderful to see the government making progressive steps to eliminate those “phonies” who are betraying the public with “organic” claims.

Want to know which brands to steer clear from? Read the list below–it indicates which companies have agreed to change their labeling as specified by California law and those who are still misleading customers.

The 11 settled companies:

Boots (Boots brand)

Kiss My Face

E.T. Brown (Palmer’s Olive Oil Formula brand)


At Last Naturals (Lucky Tiger brand)

Himalaya (Organique brand)


Suki (Sukiface brand)

Stearns (derma e® brand)

Cosway (Head Organics brand)

Colomer (Crème of Nature brand)

The 23 pending companies:

Advantage Research Laboratories, Inc./Murray’s Worldwide, Inc. (Parnevu® brand)

All Natural Distributors Inc. (Tints of Nature brand)

Aubrey Organics, Inc.

Beauty Without Cruelty/Lotus Brands, Inc.

California Inside & Out, Inc. (Out of Africa® brand)

Curls LLC

Episencial LLC

Hain Inc (Jason brand)

Herb UK Limited (Tints of Nature brand)

House of Cheatham, Inc. (Organics by Africa’s Best brand)

International Trade Routes of New York, Inc/Laboratorios Phergal, S.A. (Naturtint® brand)

Jean Pierre Inc. (Blum® Naturals brand)

Kinky-Curly Hair Care, LLC

Lafe’s Natural BodyCare, Inc/Lafe T. Larson, Inc.

Lamas, Inc. (Peter Lamas brand)

Morrocco Method, Inc.

Namasté Laboratories, L.L.C. (Organic Root Stimulator brand)

Nature’s Baby Products, Inc.

Nubian Heritage Group LLC/Sundial Brands LLC (SheaMoisture and Nubian Heritage brands)

Nutrition Resource, Inc. dba NutriBiotic (NutriBiotic® brand)

Rainbow Research Corporation (Rainbow Baby Oh Baby® brand)

Strength of Nature Global, LLC (Elasta QP® brand)

Todd Christopher International, Inc. dba Vogue International (Organix brand)

Please remember that these are NOT the only products claiming to be green–always read the ingredients before putting anything on or in your body!

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