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Russian Vogue: Get the Look

For Arizona Muse, I used the revised Rapture lip2cheek mixed with Myth cream eye shadow for the lips. On the eyes, I used Myth as the base and used a very dark brown eye shadow for around the eye and through the banana line (contour of the eye).
I did mix the ‘un’ cover-up #11 with another foundation to get a heavier base for the lighting. I used makeup for the model from other lines, as I do not always use only rms beauty because sometimes I need more color or different textures (powder for example).
I always use my living luminizer, of course, for all the highlighting. I also always use Shu Uemura black mascara and add other brands of mascara on top depending on what it is I am trying to achieve for the lashes. I love this cover because I adore both the Rapture and the Myth, which both can be used to achieve this look.
xoxo, Rose-Marie
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  1. Wow great pictures!

    November 29, 2011

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