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French Vogue: Rebelles de L’Esthetique

Rose-Marie was featured in the Winter edition of French Vogue, highlighting her passion for changing the way people approach beauty and cosmetics. Read the article (in English!) in its entirety below.

Rebellion Against Artificially Enhanced Beauty
And then there are the rebels, those who are strong advocates for the endangered concept of “aging gracefully,” who show their hostility towards all synthetic products. Rose-Marie Swift is of one of those “green” beauty radicalists, whose products have won the approval of Gisele and Karolina Kurkova. The founder of rms beauty make-up is reported to have never used soap. She takes her make-up off with virgin coconut oil, wakes up to vegetable juice and, at the age of 56 stepped into an aestician’s office for the first time last year, “because she believes, just as I do, in approaching beauty ‘non-aggressively’.”
rms beauty uses unaltered, organic and raw ingredients–“neither heated, nor fermented; neither hydrolyzed, nor split; neither bleached, nor refined.” Impossible for her to imagine an injection of botox, “a poison,” she says, “that will, without a doubt, be stored somewhere in the body.” She only has harsh criticism for those who fall prey to and abuse such ridiculous practices.
“I need a face which I can work with, that moves while I work. I need a face that is alive.”
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  1. Did I read this correctly? Is Ms Swift 56? What an amazing advert for her line and ethos.

    August 24, 2012
    • Yep! Amazing indeed–glad to see you stopped by our blog 🙂 XO

      September 17, 2012

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