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Eye Shadow Throwdown: rms vs Traditional

I’ve taken a different approach to what eye shadows should look like in order to subtly enhance but not age the eyes. Some powder eye shadows leave a thick and heavy deposit on the eyelid, resulting in a dry wrinkled look—which no one wants. Also, powder shadows vary in quality; cheap ones have an array of particle sizes (think nasty glitter trend from the 90s) that separate and sit heavy on the eye, giving it that unwanted aged look after only a few hours.

One of the fabulous advantages of rms beauty cream eye shadows is they are guaranteed to never dry the eyelid out or cause long term aging when used daily. rms beauty eye shadows actually go on like butter! I’m talking about a sheer stain that reflects colors. These shadows have no comparable product, or competitor that could dish up the final result that rms shadows do. My shadows reveal a glowing, youthful and sheer veil of color to accentuate your already beautiful eyes.

They are to be applied by your fingers and worked into the skin to achieve that desired look and effect that is unique of rms. They’re not guaranteed crease-proof (don’t worry yet!) because I have purposely avoided all those harsh synthetic chemicals typically found in crease-proof shadows. Those very chemicals are the ones wreaking havoc on your eyes and causing rapid aging. Take your pick: no creases or younger, healthier skin.

Some shadows will actually bead up on the lid…Sorry, but I have seen that and it’s disgusting. In all honesty, those shadows are some of the so-called “natural” lines doing that. Mine do not do any of that. Instead the color remains on the eye with a slightly stronger line of color at the crease. And to remedy that, simply pat the shadow back into place—an easy fix when using rms beauty cream shadows.

I hope to have some pictures soon so you can see these cream shadows’ amazing effect…Not to mention they photograph unbelievably. Also, I have noticed a recent trend: using a lot of that dark, reddish burgundy eyeshadow makes your eyes totally POP. And isn’t that the whole point of an eyeshadow anyway?

My “MYTH” is an identical twin to that color. It is one of my favorite colors and one of the most fashion-forward. Blend in onto your eyes to really make a statement. Another favorite of mine is using the “MUSE” lip2cheek as an eyeshadow. Because this product is made with castor oil (unlike the shadows) it is more likely to crease; however I guarantee the end result is still beautiful.


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