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Get Holistic Health: Cancer-causing chemicals in shampoo

Can’t say it enough – you’ve got to read the labels on your products!  Read more

The Benefits of Living Food Nutrition

With so many health benefits from eating raw foods, it makes sense that the same would apply to your skin, right?

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Possible Microbeads Ban in New York

You may be familiar with the cute little micro beads found in many face washes, toothpastes and soaps available at your local drug store but what you may not be aware of is their full ecological impact once they begin their journey down the drain. It has been discovered that these tiny beads of plastic are causing considerable environmental damage and polluting the waterways, among other things. This why New York politicians have been pushing for legislature to ban these micro beads from your hygiene and beauty products. It’s time to find an all-natural substitute for your daily exfoliant!  Click here to read the full article

Health & Fitness: Worth Going Green?



With natural make-up becoming more readily available on the mass market, it may be time to ask yourself – is it worth going green? I think you know what our answer would be! Health & Fitness magazine offers great tips for knowing what to look for when buying “green”.

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Harper’s Bazaar #BeautySchool

As an rms beauty fan, you are probably already aware of the industry’s “green washing” of beauty products and the toxic ingredients that may be lurking in seemingly harmless bottles. With so many cosmetics and personal hygiene brands eager to get on the “green wagon”, it’s important to know the difference between marketing and actual safety. There are a few popular buzz words that you may see emblazoned on your beauty products that are meant to signify that they are safer, greener, or healthier. However, you may be surprised by how little these words have to do with the actual ingredients contained in the pretty packaging. Harper’s Bazaar has broken it down by a few of the common words you will come across and what they really mean.

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11 Terrifying Facts About What You’re Putting on Your Face

For more information on ingredients to watch out for, click here.

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Natural Health UK: Miranda’s Celeb Scoop

It’s no secret that Miranda Kerr has been a fan of RMS Beauty from the very beginning. Which are her favorite products, you ask?

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Glamour UK: How Bare Do You Dare?

The bare look is in but exactly how many products do you use to achieve the “no-makeup” look?

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The Sunday Times Style: Gilty Pleasures

One trend that never seems to go out of style? Metallics. The Sunday Times Style features this classic with their top picks for the perfect bronzed hue. Read more

Tatler UK: Come Clean

For a clean beauty routine Tatler Magazine recommends RMS Beauty Raw Coconut cream as the go-to cleanser for those with sensitive skin. Read more


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